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Prestigious locations in Bridgewater, NJ, and Piscataway NJ

Q:  Must I give you a security deposit?
A:  OfficeNJ requires a security deposit for all residential, virtual and business identity plans to guard against damages to the facilities or cover unpaid invoices.  Your deposit will be refunded within five business days of your contract departure, less any damages or unpaid items.


Q:  What are OfficeNJ's daily hours?
A:  OfficeNJ centers are open to clients 24/7, and staffed from 8:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday.  You may use your electronic card key to access the center outside our normal business hours.


Q: How do I set up an appointment for a tour?
A: Please visit the Contact page and complete our Space Inquiry Form. You may also contact us directly at the phone numbers or e-mail addresses provided.


Q:  Is OfficeNJ staff available for administrative help either during or after normal business hours?
A:  You may arrange for extra administrative help from our OfficeNJ Team anytime. However, our staff may only be hired and billed through OfficeNJ, regardless of when the work is performed.


Q:  What kind of internet connectivity does OfficeNJ provide?
A:  OfficeNJ's residential clients may access either a full land-line T1 (reliable 1.5 MG upload and download bandwidth) or cable internet service (variable bandwidth, but very fast).  Fixed IP addresses are available for an additional cost.


Q:  May I bring my own business equipment into my office at OfficeNJ?
A:  Please feel free to bring any business or heating/cooling equipment you require into the center.  Electricity and other utilities are included in your Basic Office Charge, so there is no additional cost for bringing in such equipment.  Please note that you will be responsible for providing your own laptop or desktop computers.


Q:  Which National Holidays does OfficeNJ observe?
A:  OfficeNJ is closed on New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, The Day After Thanksgiving (1/2 day), Christmas Eve (1/2 day), Christmas Day, and New Years Eve (1/2 day).  The center remains open to clients but unstaffed on these days.


Q: How much does a virtual plan cost at OfficeNJ?
A: Our standard virtual plan is $275 per month. You may add 24/7 access to the business center for an additional $50 per month. You may also build a personalized virtual plan with any combination of our virtual services.


Q: How much does a business identity plan cost at OfficeNJ?
A: Our basic business identity plan is $75 per month.


Q:  Must I sign a long-term contract with OfficeNJ?
A:  OfficeNJ requires a minimum six-month contract for a residential office plan, or a minimum three-month contract for a virtual office plan or business identity plan.


Q:  May I upgrade from a virtual office plan to a resident office plan?
A:  You may upgrade from virtual or business identity status to residential status anytime, depending on office availability.  There is no charge to upgrade.  However, you must complete your residential office contract in full; i.e., no downgrades from residential office plans to virtual office plans are allowed.


Q:  Does OfficeNJ charge for parking?
A:  There is no charge for parking at either Bridgewater or Piscataway centers.


Q:  May I book conference room meetings on weekends?
A:  OfficeNJ's seven conference rooms and one day office are available for your use 24/7. Please reserve your meeting with the front desk staff and remember to cancel if you will not be able to hold your meeting after all.


Q:  May I have packages and courier deliveries sent to OfficeNJ?
A:  OfficeNJ staff will sign for packages or Fedex/DHL deliveries during our normal business hours and hold them for your pick-up. You may arrange for our staff to notify you when the package arrives.


Q:  Does OfficeNJ rent conference rooms or day offices to non-clients?
A: Non-clients may rent our day office or any of our seven conference rooms. Please contact us for rates.


Q: Are your locations handicap accessible?
A: All three of our centers, Bridgewater, and Piscataway are handicap accessible.


Q: Can I have my calls transferred to my cell phone with my virtual office plan?
A: Our receptionist will transfer your calls to any outside line or our voicemail system, as directed by you.


Q: Do I have to pick up my mail from OfficeNJ if I have a virtual plan?
A: You may choose to have your mail forwarded to your home or office location for the additional cost of postage (no markup).


Q:  May I bring my own furniture into my OfficeNJ office?
A:  You may bring any furniture or decorations/wall hangings into your office. Note that there is no reduction in the Basic Service Charge if you provide your own furniture.


Q:  What is the "Office Equipment" you mention on the website?
A:  OfficeNJ provides community access to a speedy multi-function copier, a full service postage meter, and a fax/scanner/color printer.  You will receive one passcode for all the equipment and your usage (if any) will be billed on the next monthly invoice.


Q:  May I put my company sign on my office door at OfficeNJ?
A:  OfficeNJ does not allow door signage of any kind at any of our centers.  Our priority is maintaining a clean, uncluttered and uniform appearance.


Q:  Is your staff bilingual?
A:  OfficeNJ has fluent Spanish-speaking staff.


Q:  May I offer my business services to my fellow OfficeNJ clients?
A:  We request that you not canvas door-to-door within the center, but we do encourage and facilitate networking and referrals within the center.  You may place marketing materials on our bulletin boards, and we will gladly introduce you to other clients.


Q: Can I keep my current phone number and have my calls answered by OfficeNJ?
A: We will happily provide telephone answering services as requested. Please contact your telephone service provider to arrange the transfer of your existing number for answering by OfficeNJ.


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